Pre-conference Workshops

Cultivating Innovation: a workshop to improve facilitation and problem solving to creatively drive change

Tuesday, June 9, 9:00 – 4:00pm


Tyler Griffin, Assistant Regional Director, York Library Region, New Brunswick Public Library Service

Kaelan Keys, Business Development Manager, Efficiency Nova Scotia

Language: English
COST: $65.00

Lunch, breaks, and a light breakfast included.


This full day workshop will be an opportunity for participants to learn through co-creation. The facilitators will be providing the framework and tools that attendees use and adapt in order to lead from any level within their team or organization. Rather than a formal presentation, participants will work with partners, in groups and individually to enhance collaboration, brainstorming, co-creation and how innovative ideas are communicated within a team. Tools and topics covered will come from Design Thinking methodology being used within social innovation organizations. The workshop will deploy tools, techniques and solution design while giving participants a tool kit and further sources of learning beyond the workshop.


Participants will:

  • work on problem finding, defining and solving;
  • interactively explore brainstorming techniques – divergent and convergent thinking – how and when to apply each;
  • work hands on with various problem-solving tools and templates that can be adapted for future projects;
  • develop ideation techniques
  • prototype and solution test for systematic improvement and getting your entire team involved, regardless of their communication style.
  • Learn new approaches to giving and applying useful feedback

Ultimately our goal is for participants to walk away with tools they can apply, regardless of their job title or in what type of organization or library they work.


While the facilitators will introduce concepts and guidance throughout the day, drawing from research and experience, most of the outcomes will come from shared learning amongst the participants. The workshop and provided resources will allow participants to return to their workplaces ready to be changemakers.


Enrollment Limit : 20


Library Carpentry

Tuesday, June 9, 9:00 – 4:00pm


Margaret Vail, Systems & Data Librarian, St. Francis Xavier University

Language: English
COST: $ 65.00
Lunch, breaks, and a light breakfast included.

A laptop is required for this workshop. A questionnaire will be sent out two weeks prior to the conference to the registered participants. At that time you can request to borrow a laptop. Participants may bring their own laptop if they prefer

Library Carpentry is made by people working in library- and information-related roles to help you:

automate repetitive, boring, error-prone tasks

  • create, maintain and analyze sustainable and reusable data
  • work effectively with IT and systems colleagues
  • better understand the use of software in research
  • and much more…

Library Carpentry introduces you to the fundamentals of computing and provides you with a platform for further self-directed learning. For more information on what we teach and why, please see our paperLibrary Carpentry: software skills training for library professionals“. 

Enrollment Limit: 20

Skills For An Intercultural Workplace

Tuesday, June, 9, 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Facilitator: Paul Pickering, Coordinator, Workplace Culture Program: Immigration Services Association Nova Scotia (ISANS)
Language: English
There is no charge for this event, but registration is required.

Creating a culturally competent and inclusive workplace culture blends awareness with actions and behaviours. In this activity we will “create” what we think of as a normal culture, and then explore the process of changing it; balancing the needs of the people who will come and go, with the needs of the group (the organization).  Intercultural components of change are mixed among more general expectations of communicating. This is an interactive activity, with a large percentage of the time relying upon the lived experiences of those in each group being shared and developed.  We cultivate the trust that comes from open communication and enhance our abilities to be agents of change. The activity is debriefed by a skilled facilitator, and participants emerge with a deeper appreciation for our own roles and abilities in this process.  Those registering for this workshop are encouraged to attend the “Benefits of a Diverse Workplace Culture” live webinar, offered monthly by the ISANS Workplace Culture program, without charge. Attendance on this webinar is an optional, enjoyable opportunity to raise awareness and answer questions prior to the day and is led by the same expert facilitator as with our workshop.


Enrollment Limit: 32